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Ohrid recent comments:

  • Renault, AStyle wrote 7 years ago:
    To the north. On the way to Resen.
  • Renault, NBouman (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    I like to visit but what is the name of the road or what direction from Ohrid centre?
  • Hotel Montenegrin Inn, Yaropolk wrote 8 years ago:
    normal cheap hotel, don't expect anything more than that
  • Nikola Karev Dorm, Murfy (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    Does anyone have more info/pictures of the dorms?
  • Villa St. Sofia, VIvkovic (guest) wrote 9 years ago:
    Probably the best ever short break taken. The place is perfect, the food is perfect, the service is perfect. You will just forget trip once you indulge within! Excellent hospitality. The staff is well trained and most importantly having a smile at all times!! Would definitely go back.
  • St Clement and St Panteleimon, John Stainberg (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    First University in Europe. Saint Kliment University.
  • Church St. John Kaneo, (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    Really, this is the beautiful place. (Two Nepalese visited on September 2007)